Solids transport

Dry bulk transport

In Europe, Katoen Natie stores polymers in more than 3.500 bulk storage silos. Our total bulk storage capacity for polymers exceeds 1,25 million cubic meters.
We operate a fleet of 400 dry bulk trailers for the inbound and outbound transport to and from our silo batteries. Our trailers have a maximum capacity of 65 cubic meters and are loaded according to the maximum allowed payload.

Available 24/7

Our transport experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even during peak periods and unexpected plant shutdowns, they can mobilize a significant dry bulk transport capacity in a very short timeframe. On an average day, we transport more than 10.000 mt of dry bulk goods.

Other solids

Besides the transport of polymers, Katoen Natie also offers dry bulk transport solutions for specialty chemicals, feed & food and other dry bulk goods. These transports are carried out with dedicated trailers in accordance with the industry’s highest quality standards.