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We provide logistics and engineering services around the world

Katoen Natie has built logistics terminals around the world, where value-added supply chain services are provided. Transport plays a crucial role in any supply chain. In order to guarantee inbound and outbound transport to and from our logistics terminals, we provide reliable transport services with our own fleet.

Our services

Safe, secure and sustainable transport of goods is a vital aspect of our business.
In order to guarantee optimal goods transport, we deploy various modes of transport, depending on the type of goods, the final destination and the specific requirements of our customers. For dry bulk goods, liquids, maritime containers and packed goods this might even be a combination of road, rail and water transport.

At Katoen Natie you will find professional transport, storage and value-added supply chain services under one roof. All of these services are digitally managed and integrated to enhance visibility and agility. The supply chain benefits for our customers are substantial: greater consistency, lower cost and the ability to shift seamlessly between transport modes. This is the reason why successful companies around the world have chosen to enter into long-term partnerships with us.

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